Matthew Michael Koman
Co-Founder & CFO

Matthew is a lifelong athlete, explorer, and leader. A former collegiate athlete in both football and basketball then transitioned into Sports Performance and Lifestyle and Holistic Health coaching for over a decade. Working in collaboration with schools, organizations, families, athletes (youth to professional) in a multitude of ways, Matt has adapted his coaching style to each environment he has been in to create loving, compassionate, and winning outcomes.

He has been a professional athlete as a member of the Team USA Beach Handball organization since 2020.

Olympic aspirations individually create a unique clarity on future targets, acquiring new relationships, and collaborating with new communities.

Matthew utilizes all of his experience and love to spread peace and health awareness in his current expeditions and projects.

Over 14 years of high-level experience in athletics, coaching, and being a student of life, Matt is now packaging the best of what he’s learned into a comprehensive and adaptive set of service offerings. His passion for service, relationship development, and creating a whole and healthy world will drive the business into new groups, and humans of all creeds, around the globe.